2. Introduction

2.1. Vision & Mission

Togethër’s Vision is to become the world most powerful Spend-To-Invest Community.

Our first mission is to help our community to prosper by unlocking the value of T- Token through spending within our network.

Our second mission is become the largest network of Real World Crypto Community.

2.2.1. Lack of Saving

Our target market, the young and the youths, have a huge financial attitude problem. They don’t save anymore, as saving in banks, have been proven to yield negative return due to inflation and fiat monetary manipulation.

2.2.2. Instant Gratification

Our target market loves instant gratification, investing in traditional long term assets doesn’t appeal as much. As such, the trend of investing high risk, fast return assets such as in Cryptocurrencies and NFT are rising.

2.2.3. Crypto in the real world

The world doesn’t need another lifestyle app, but the crypto world needs to really go mainstream. We should be able to buy a burger with Crypto, and look cool doing it.

2.3. Solutions & Value Proposition

2.3.1. Automated Saving

The time old wisdom of putting aside a portion of your salary every-month, comes true here. We enable an automated saving, every time our member spend within our network.

2.3.2. Frictionless Saving

We help our members to unlock the power of saving and investing in our cryptocurrency, simply by asking them to spend within our community.

Same spending habit, same amount, more investment unlocked.

2.3.3. HODL

We also introduces mechanisms such as staking to help our members hold on to their investments, and through consistency and time, we help our members unlock maximum yield.

2.3.4. Being Cool

Our target market are at the age of movement, pleasure and discovery. Therefore our aim is to give them better lifestyle choices for their money worth.

By becoming our member, they unlock lifestyle privileges, surprises. and adventures.

Therefore, by becoming our member, they can become more prosperous and while having a better lifestyle. Therefore our slogan,

“ T-coin. Cooler Than Cash ”

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