5. Revenue Models

5.1. Revenue Models

Key to success of every business entity, be it a blockchain startup or traditional brick and mortar business, is the ability the have a strong revenue stream, cashflow and ultimately profit to sustain the business.
The core team consists of Seasoned Entrepreneurs, with 40 years of business wisdom combined.
We have walked the talk.
Take a look at the table below for a breakdown of our revenue models:
Revenue From Members
Revenue From Merchants
Other Revenue Streams
Purchase of T-Token via App
Purchase of T-Coin
Network Fee
Network Fee
Targeted Advertising
DAO Support
DAO Support
Supply Chain Matching
Yearly Staking of T-Token as Membership Qualifier
Yearly Membership
Withdrawal Fee
Withdrawal Fee
5.2. Purchase of Token via App : We will allow members to purchase T-Token at a special rate. The operating company will collect a commission.
5.3. Purchase of T-Coin : Merchants will have to purchase T-coin from us in order to reward our members.
5.4. Network Fee : We collect a small fee for every transaction.
5.5. DAO Support : Both Members and Merchants will have to contribute a small DAO support fee, to facilitate the community.
5.6. Membership Fees : Merchant pays a yearly membership fee, Members will stake their Tokens as a form of membership pledge.
5.7. Withdrawal Fee : We take a small fee every time T-coin is withdrawn.
5.8. Advertising & Sponsorships : As we run events and promotions for our community, we allow businesses to sponsor and advertise.
5.9. Supply Chain Matching : We match suppliers with our merchants and take a commission.