7. Tokenomics

7.1. 5 Year Circulating Supply

7.1.1. Finite Number of tokens : Maximum Supply is at 10 billion Tokens
7.1.2. Spend to Unlock : A majority of tokens are only unlocked based on our KPI which is Spend-To-Unlock. This means that the amount of Tokens unlocked are backed by the amount of spending between members and businesses within our network.
7.1.3. Time Based Release : however, we will be releasing a steady percentage of token which is unlock by year or by milestone. This ensure stability in price.

7.2. Staking Mechanism

We aim to stabilize the market with staking mechanism. We currently propose 2 mechanism to incentivise our holders to keep their tokens.
7.2.1. Membership Staking
Each member will have to stake some T-tokens in order to move up the ranking of their membership ( ie. Qualified, VIP, VVIP ). The higher the rank, the more perks they will get ( ie. VVIP members get to premium seatings in our concerts ).
7.2.2. DeFi Staking
We will also introduce DeFi Staking at reasonable interest rate per annum ( APY ). We have allocated Staking rewards in our budgetary. The key concept here is that the stability of our Token outweighs the APY rewards.