Togethër : Cooler Than Cash Whitepaper

1. Abstract

Togethër is a lifestyle community, built on the blockchain technology. It harnesses the power of community and decentralisation, and it bridges the physical-world with the crypto-world.
Our utility coin, T-coin, works as a payment and reward coin. Spending in our network, unlocks T-Token, our speculative Token, which can be traded on the Exchanges.
Other than the cryptocurrencies, Together consists of a set of Applications to facilitate the connection between our Members, Retails and Community.
Our main target market are the young generation, aged from 18 to 35. This group of people are Digital Natives and most open to cryptocurrency, NFTs and other new generation tech.
We also aim to use the principles of 'Decentralised Autonomous Organisations' to to scale and govern this platform.
This white paper is developed as both business plan executive summary as well as an ideation and strategic brief for Togethër Inc., its shareholders, board members, board advisors, senior management team as well as other relevant parties including but not limited to regulatory bodies, investors, and other members of public, where and when applicable.
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