4. Spend-to-Invest Model

The Spend-To-Invest model is at the core of our Business Model.

While there are limitless interaction models, here we illustrate a typical interaction and consumer behaviour within our network.

4.1. Discovery : Member will discover a businesses that fulfil their need through our Apps.

4.2. Payment Option : Member will pay businesses with multiple payment options, such as T-Coin or Traditional Methods ( Cash, e-Wallet, Credit Cards )

4.2.1. Network Fee : A small network fee is deducted from the T-coin transaction.

4.2.2. DAO Support Fee : A small support fee will be directed to support our activity within the TogetherDAOs.

4.3. Reward : Business will reward members with our Reward Token, T-coin.

4.4. Auto-Token-Unlock : Once the T-coin, the reward token, is received, a certain percentage which been preset by user, will be automatically use to unlock T-token, at the price determine by the network ( “Token Unlock Price” ).

4.5. Wallet : Both the T-coin and T-Token will be stored in our blockchain wallet.

4.6. Withdraw : Members can withdraw the T-Token by transferring via on-chain methods to other supporting Crypto Wallets.

4.7. Trade : Members can trade T-Token via supporting Decentralised Exchanges and Centralised Exchanges.

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