6. Tokens

6.1. Our Tokens

The Together Platform consists of 2 main tokens. Our utility coin, T- coin, works as a payment and reward coin. Spending in our network, unlocks T-Token, our speculative Token, which can be traded on the Exchanges.
Together Coin
Together Token
Utility, Currency
Utility, Speculative
1 Currency for the whole world
1 Token for the whole world
Inflationary, Infinite, Burn Mechanism
Deflationary, Finite
"Stable Coin of the Real World" Stable Pricing: Pegged with 1 USD Backed by real-world-money
"Coolest Token in the world" Price is based on 2 2 Factors: - Market Price - Token Unlock Pice Incremenet Mechanism
-Reward Coin - Payment Coin - Convert to T-Token
-Membership - VIP privileges - Voting rights - Unlock limit - Convert to T-Coin - Governance - Staking

6.2. About Together Coin

Together Coin or “T-Coin”, built on the Near Protocol Blockchain2 is the platform’s utility token. It’s core functions are:
Payment Coin : It is the lightweight cryptocurrency that users use to perform transactions such as paying for goods and services.
Reward Coin : Businesses or Services will reward its consumers with T-coin.
Privilege & Rewards Redemption : Use T-coin to redeem gifts, discounts and unlock special privileges.
Peer-to-peer Transfer : T-coin also allows p2p transactions within the network.
Unlock T-Token : T-coin can also be used to unlock T-Token, our speculative Token.
Stable Coin : T-coin as our platform’s stable coin, as it’s always pegged with USD1 per Coin.

6.3. About Together Token

Together Token or “T-Token”, built on the Near Protocol Blockchain is the platform’s Speculative token. These are some of it’s core features
Investment Token : A utility & speculative Token, which can be traded on the Decentralized Exchanges as well as Centralised Exchanges. This token will not be use to purchase goods but as a storage of value.
Limited Supply : Finite number of tokens.
Spend to Unlock : Members are able to unlock T-token at special price by spending within our network.
Token Unlock Price Increment ( “TUPI” ) mechanism: Price of Unlocking T-Tokens ( “Unlock Price” ) increases in 3.14159% after every 31,4159 tokens are unlocked.
Membership Requirement : Members have to maintain 1 token to enjoy member’s benefit.
Voting & Governance Right : Minimum 1 Token to vote.
Staking : Many benefits of Staking, such as APY returns and Higher staking amount will result of upgrade in membership privileges.

6.4. T-Token Unlock Model

There are various methods to acquire T-Token, our speculative and asset class token.
i. Exhanges : Purchase from the Exchanges at price determine by the market.
ii. App Purchase : Purchase from our Together Network, via our app, at price similar to the market.
iii. P2P : Peer-to-peer method, at price determine by P2P network.
iv. Spend to Unlock : By unlocking the token through this method, the price is determine by the Token Unlock Price Increment Mechanism.
v. Unlock Treasures : By spending in our network, sometimes members will be given a surprise T-Token.

6.5. The Reason of Spend to Unlock

At the core of our business model for the network growth and sustainability, is the growth of Gross Merchandise Volume ( “GMV” ). The more transaction between our members and business within our network, the more GMV.
The higher the GMV, the more Transaction Fees, Support Fees and other earning are being captured into our network.
Since Unlocking of T-Token is only achieved by Spend-To-Unlock and Unlock Treasures mechanism, members will be encourage to to Spend within our network.

6.6. The Reason of Token Unlock Price Increment Mechanism

TUPI Mechanism ensures price of unlocking increases in 3.14159% after every 31,4159 tokens are unlocked. This means the more T-Tokens are unlocked, the higher the unlock price will be.
This will result in these positive scenarios for our Members :
i. Early unlocked T-Tokens can see its value 100x if being hold for the right amount of time.
ii. The prices of the T-Tokens unlock via this mechanism could also be 100x cheaper than the price via the Exchanges.
Therefore by implementing this mechanism, it has these advantages for our network :
I. Incentivises early Unlocking of T-Token, which increases early adopters.
II. Encourage the Spend-To-Unlock behaviour, which increases GMV.
III. Programatically, helped to push T-Token’s price to rise as it becomes more popular.
IV. Effect in Normalising market price into a steady growth.
6.7. TUPI mechanism in Normalising Market Price
By having 2 sets of pricing, one influenced by the token unlock in the off-chain world, and one influenced by the market, this mechanism can help to normalise the market price and steer it towards a steady growth.
Here are a few Scenarios :
I. Scenario 1 : Market Price is higher than Unlock Price
In this scenario, token price on the exchange market pumps into much higher than the token Unlock Price, giving high incentives for members to spend off- chain, to unlock more tokens. In result Unlock Price will increase significantly due to demand and TUPI Mechanism.
While, the Market Price normalises until in synchronises with Unlock Price.
In result, a higher stable Market Price and Unlock Price is found.
2. Scenario 2 : Market Price is Lower than Unlock Price
In this scenario, token price on the exchange market is much lower than token Unlock Price, giving high incentives for purchase the token on the market. There is a pump effect on the market price and it correct it self to meet the Unlock Price.
In result, a higher stable Market Price and Unlock Price is found.
3. Scenario 3 : Market Price is Follows than Unlock Price
In this ideal scenario, Market Price rises as it gain confidence base on the rising Unlock Price, which a signifies a strong community.
With higher market price, it gives confidence to our members that the Token they acquire through the Spend-To-Unlock mechanism is increasing in market value, thus boosting the spending activities within the community.
Through a virtuous cycle, both Market Price and Unlock Price rises.